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Iced Strawberry Ziip Pods for Juul Devices

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Iced Strawberry Ziip Pods for Juul Devices
Get ready for a frosty fruit experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Iced Strawberry Ziip Pods have arrived at Vapekingdubai and they combine the juicy sweetness of ripe, right-off-the-vine strawberries with an edge of mint that will make you wonder where they’ve been all your live. These 4-packs of 50mg (5.0%) nicotine pack a good hit in every puff.
If you have a Juul device, you can simply snap one of these babies onto your Juul and voila! You’ve got instant mint strawberry sweetness! Since Iced Strawberry Ziip Pods are made with nicotine salts, you’ll get the nic fix you’re craving to compliment that flavor fix that will blow your mind.
Indulge in Iced Strawberry Ziip pods to change up your vape game today.


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