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Start Buying “G-TASTE PRELOADED COTTON” at Dubai


Introducing the G-TASTE PRELOADED COTTON 100% organic, a solution for vapers looking to streamline their rebuilding process. clean and pure flavor with every puff. This premium cotton is pre-cut and preloaded into strips, making it easy to insert into your coils without the hassle of measuring and cutting.





G-TASTE PRELOADED COTTON  is to provide the most convenient, cleanest and easy to wick. We selcect premium organic cotton from japan, free of impurities, natural oils and pesticides. Packaged in are sealable travel size package, with 20pcs Preloaded cotton and 4pcs Strip cotton. By pre-loaded design, Coil Building DIY Lovers will have different Experience. If you re-wick often or are in a hurry, G-taste pre-loaded cotton is the way to go.


  • Material: organic Japan cotton
  • Packaged: Travel Size, Resealable Packaging
  • Packing include:  24psc/pack
  • Preloaded Cotton Diameters :  3.0mm
  • shoelace end Diameters :1.7mm
  • Weight: 12g/pc
  • Length: Preloaded Cotton  300px
  • Strip Cotton 262.5px

Package includes:

  • 3.0mm X 20Pcs Preloaded Cottons
  • 4Pcs Strip Cottons
  • Package Size:14.7*257.5px
  • Package Weight:12g
  • Cartoon Size: 500packs/ctn
  • Cartoon Weight:6.5k


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