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Terea menthol made for IQOS iluma : Feel the Refresing Moment


“Taste the cool and crisp sensation of Terea Menthol Flavors, Configured for IQOS devices. Explore  refreshing options and elevate your vaping experience with Terea menthol made for IQOS iluma today. Satisfaction guaranteed!”



About Terea menthol made for IQOS iluma:

Start on a journey with freshness by Terea Menthol Flavors. Immerse yourself in the cool. Specially crafted for compatibility with IQOS technology, Terea Menthol is identical to a Marlboro Menthol Cigarette with a crisp clean menthol inhale and exhale. This product is a dedicated tobacco stick for IQOS ILUMA. 

IQOS Terea Menthol Feature:

  • 1carton (10 packs) 200pieces
  • Sophisticated mild taste
  • Imported from Japan


  • Factory Sealed and Unopened
  • 1 Carton of Heatsticks (10 individual packs of 20 Heatsticks)

NOte: Do not ingest or disassemble IQOS ILUMA™ dedicated tobacco as they contain sharp metal parts which can cause serious injury if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. More information on IQOS ILUMA (sold separately) is needed to use Terea HeatSticks. Its  Refreshing Vaping with Terea Menthol Flavors.


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