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The shop vudu boss 5000 puffs disposable It can hold 10 milliliters of e-liquid. It produces tasty and steady vapor thanks to mesh coil technology. Three filters are included, so you may adjust the airflow to your preference. It can be charged via USB-C.

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About VUDU BOSS 5000 Puffs disposable vape:

A typical e-cigarette is nothing like the VUDU BOSS 5000 Puffs disposable vape. Championing durability, taste, and ease of use, it packs a powerful punch in a chic and elegant container. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this throwaway really awesome:

  • 5000 puffs: That’s right, you can stop buying new vapes all the time. With an astounding 5000 puff capacity, the VUDU BOSS can last you days, if not weeks, and outlast multiple packs of cigarettes.
  • 10ml e-liquid reservoir: The VUDU BOSS guarantees that you won’t run out of juice before you run out of puffs thanks to its roomy 10ml e-liquid reservoir.
  • Durable and leakproof: You won’t have to worry about shoddy construction or untidy leaks. The VUDU BOSS is made to last because of its sturdy construction, secure design, and premium components that can resist normal wear and tear.
  • Mesh Coil Technology: Thanks to cutting-edge mesh coil technology, taste explosions with every draw. Your taste buds will experience rich and consistent flavor thanks to this creative design, which guarantees even heating and vaporization.
  • 16 Variety Flavors: Choose from an extensive array of mouthwatering flavors, ranging from cool fruit combinations like Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Watermelon to rich sweets like Vanilla Custard and Milk Chocolate.
  • Triple Filter System: Use the integrated triple filter system to personalize your vaping experience. Select between a single filter for a smooth inhale, a double filter for a tighter MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience, or a filterless draw for optimal airflow.

Convenience Reigns Supreme:

  • Disposable: Coils don’t need to be maintained, refilled, or charged. When the VUDU BOSS runs out of juice, just use it and throw it away.
  • Small and lightweight: Carry the VUDU BOSS with you everywhere you go by slipping it into your pocket or purse. Its portable and lightweight form makes it the ideal vaping buddy for on-the-go vaping.
  • Hassle-free Vaping: Get rid of the untidy e-liquid bottles and intricate vape equipment. Right out of the box, the VUDU BOSS provides a straightforward and pleasurable vaping experience.
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         vudu boss 5000 puffs


The 5000 puffs vudu boss More flavors are available: watermelon iced, double apple shesha, blue raspberry, grape ice, pech ice, black mamba, strawberry mango, mango pineapple vudu, cool mint, purple rain, strawberry kiwi, cinnamon gum, iced cola, and strawberry bubble gum.

In terms of disposable vapes, the VUDU BOSS 5000 Puffs are revolutionary. It is a strong candidate for the title of best disposable vape due to its great battery life, tasty selections, and practical design..

Please be aware that the nicotine content of VUDU BOSS 5000 Puffs may differ in various areas due to laws.


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Black Mamba, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon Gum, Cola Ice, COOL MINIT, Duoble Apple Shesha, Grape Ice, Mango Pineapple, Peach Ice, Purple Rain, Strawberry Bubble Gum, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Ice


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